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How not to be a pompous buffoon on your blog

A good blog is a pleasure to read. It's like a good speech, even though it's delivered to a wide audience, you feel that the speaker is communicating directly with you, not with a crowd. If you are writing a blog like a "pompous buffoon", it has the same tone as a condescending college professor, who is long bored with the slowness of his students, delivering a boring lecture. And if I were a student in the audience, I would shoot a spitball at you! If your blog sounds like that, people will not read it.

It's pretty easy to check the tone of your blog to see if you are sounding like a pompous buffoon. If it sounds like you are drawing yourself up to your full height, taking a deep breath, possibly stopping to light your pipe, you are. Here is a checklist of things that will make you sound like a pompous buffoon.

• Your posts are way too long. A quick look at the volume of information is a turn-off for most people. Break it up into a few paragraphs, that's enough for a blog post.

• Even your titles are long and confusing. An example might be "How do we stem the ongoing tide of the overall tenacity of dachshunds to express themselves too freely?" It should just be "How to keep your wiener dog from barking too much".

• Your tone sounds like you are speaking to an impersonal audience. For example, "How shall we, indeed, procure tools for the removal of dachshund defecation?" Try, "Where to get pooper scoopers for your dog".

• You are asking questions that sound like a lead-in to a boring lecture. For example "Will dachshunds run the home? Nay I say!" Just "Training your dachshund" will do.

Don't worry about sounding knowledgeable enough, you are. If you want a tone that shows caring and patience, you can't do any better than Fred Rogers, from "Mister Roger's Neighborhood". No, you don't need to use the puppets!

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