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How to back up your Google Blog

Blogs posts are are not meant to keep. Like newspaper articles, they are meant to be read and then thrown away. If you are writing an important document that you want to keep, use Microsoft Word or something and save it on your computer. And then back up your computer.

But if you would like to archive your blog, that is, back it up onto your computer, here is how to do it with Google Blogger

• From the dashboard, select "Settings".

• At the top, next to the words "Blog Tools" select "Export blog"

• Export your blog to your computer. Don't worry, it's just sending you a copy of it, in XML. To read the XML file, use your browser. Just go to file - open, find the file that you just downloaded, and open it up. You will see a lot of jibberish, just scroll down and you will see your posts. It will also have the XML for the formatting, so it can be easily brought back into any Blog, such as WordPress. It will look similar to the image at right (which is a back up of this blog post).

Remember that when you write a blog, it's stored on Google's server, not your computer. I don't expect anything to go wrong there, but if it does, you will lose your blog. As I have been ranting about for years, best practice is to back up your files. It's your responsibility.

Update October 31, 2001. Back up has now moved to Settings > Other. Look for settings along the left-hand side of your "My Blogs" page, under Overview, Posts, Pages, Comments, etc.

 Why it's hidden like this, I have no idea.