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How to do hyperlinks in Google Blogger

To insert a hyperlink in a post in Google Blogger, type the words that would like to turn into a hyperlink, such as Visit my website, highlight that line with your mouse -
And then go to LINK in the options bar right above where you are typing your post. I recommend testing the link, too! You will see that option when you get to the link box
That opens the link box, where you insert the entire URL for the target page. Be sure that you have copied the URL from the page, do not try to type it. Even the smallest mistake can lead to a dead end! Use copy/paste always.

The post explaining hyperlinks is here

The post explaining URLs is here

Remember that when you are writing text for a hyperlink, be descriptive. The Google bots love to index hyperlinks, but they can't do much with click here or go to my blog. Write out something that promotes you such as find out more about Computer Graphics Training from Brad Hall here

By the way, I always make my hyperlinks in bold (by selecting B in the options bar) just because I think that it makes the hyperlinks stand out more. It's up to you! And remember that the hyperlinks won't work in Preview, so don't let that worry you. Publish your post and then check it right away.

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