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How to switch from a PC to a Macintosh computer

Switching from a PC to a Macintosh is a big decision. If you are wondering if you are ready for it, here is a check list that might help.

• Is your time worth more now than it was when you bought the PC? There may have been a time when you enjoyed fiddling and tinkering with your PC to keep it going, perhaps you thought that people who spent a lot of money on Apple computers were foolish.

• Do you have the money to spend on a Macintosh? Macintosh computers are like new cars, you have to think in terms of thousands of dollars, not hundreds.

• Are you willing to turn over the maintenance of your computer to the pros? When you have a Macintosh, your PC friends won't be able to help you with the tinkering stuff, which you won't really need anyway. Major stuff like data transfer should be done by a pro at an Apple Store, or MacMedia. When you bought your first new car, you learned to trust the mechanics at the dealership, this is the same thing. No more "back yard" mechanics. 

• Have you lost interest in computers? A Macintosh computer is not for people interested in taking apart and fiddling with computers. It's a machine to get things done. I've been doing computer graphics on Macs for twenty years, I'm not interested in computers, I am interested in Graphic Design.

If you are ready to make the switch, here is what you should do - unplug the CPU of your PC and take it to an Apple Store or Mac Media. You don't need to bring the screen, the keyboard, or the mouse. Ask them how much data transfer can be done. Bring your checkbook. Ask them to recycle the old PC. Bring your new Mac home, plug it in, and go. And get on with your life.

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