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How using hyperlinks can help your Google rating

Hyperlinks are a very important tool in the creation of a web page and a blog. Use them correctly and it will make your web page, and your blog, easier to use for viewers.

Blog post about what a hyperlink is

But it gets even better than that. Hyperlinks are a "secret weapon" for your web site optimization, that is, improving your Google rating. The "Google bots" love to read hyperlinks! But you have to do it right. The good news is that it helps your site work with us humans, too!

• Create your hyperlinks with text. Do NOT use a graphic (a jpg) for a hyperlink. Even if you use an alt tag, it's not as easy for the Google bots to see. And as a human, I'm not too crazy about it myself. If you have a particularly jumbled web site, I can find a hyperlink by using the search command in my browser if you use text. If you use a graphic, I can't. Don't ever have your hyperlinks in Flash, either. In fact, use Flash only for animation, if you must, never for content.

• Write out specifically where the hyperlink is taking you. Never, ever, just write click here, write Order hammers for drywall here. Yes, you can include the words click here, as in click here to see Brad Hall's cartoons.

You are not fooling the Google bots nor are you fooling your viewers. You are doing good graphic design. And that helps everyone, including you.

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