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Image manipulation in Adobe Photoshop

Image manipulation in Photoshop just means taking an image and changing it. It is great fun, and it is also something that takes skill and patience. People who are really, really, good at it are well paid. The point of image manipulation is to make it look natural. And the human eye is not easily fooled! I've been using and teaching Adobe Photoshop since the 1990s, and I like it a lot. I've known some serious Photoshop wizards and I bow down to their mastery! But anyone can learn Photoshop, and I specialize in beginning and intermediate training.

The basic tools in Photoshop for image manipulation are

• The Clone tool (also called the "rubber stamp")

• The Magic Wand. And this tool works best if know what type of image to start with!

• Layers. Yes, I know that this really isn't a tool, but it's critical to do things like replacing a background - you know, putting yourself in Hawaii, that sort of thing. If you aren't comfortable with using layers, this is where you will need to focus.

• Layer Masks. In beginning training sessions I mention Layer Masks, even though I show how to use the eraser tool. Once you are familiar with the eraser tool, you will understand why using Layer Masks are so important, and you will stop using the eraser tool.