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The number one trick for success as a Graphic Designer

Be reliable.

That's it. There are a lot of people out there who can do Graphic Design. People with outstanding portfolios, people with an impressive education. But if they aren't reliable, they will lose and you will win.

Since you are Graphic Designer, you are a creative person. It's a cliche that creative people are always flaky, but it's usually true. Take a look at yourself. Does your license plate say, "Always late, but worth the wait?" Do you never wear a watch or look at a calendar? Do you try to cram everything in at the last minute? A lot of people are like that, and especially creative people.

If you want to succeed as a Graphic Designer, you will need to combine your natural creativity (read - being flaky) with being reliable. And this is how you do it - 

• Wear a watch. No, don't tell me that you have it on your cell phone. Have it on your wrist and glance at it. And yes, it must have the day and date. I'm not asking you to memorize the time, day or date. I'm asking you to know it. At a glance. 

• Write down appointments on your computer. No, I don't mean post-it notes all over the screen. If you have a Mac, use iCal. Learn how to set the alarm, especially the one that sends a reminder email to you. Practice with some unimportant stuff. Start today.

• Ask for advice from reliable friends. I've spent a lot of time around professional administrative assistants. Their jobs rely on doing this well. They know all the tricks. Use them.

Combine your talent and skill with being reliable, and meeting deadlines, and you will be successful! You can't miss. So many Graphic Designers get this wrong and that's why they fail.