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What a browser is

A browser is a piece of software that you use to view web pages. The most popular browser is Internet Explorer, which comes loaded on all PCs. On Macintosh computers, it's Safari. As you read this, or any web page, you are using your browser.

The name browser is appropriate, as that is exactly how people look at most web pages, like browsing through the library, a book store, or a magazine rack. A browser's function is to take HTML and other similar types of web coding, and interpret it so that you can see the web page on your computer. The really cool thing about browsers is that they are all free. And you don't have to be stuck with the browser that came with your computer. For reliability and accuracy, the worst browser by far is Internet Explorer. Most people use it just because it came on their computer and imagine that they are stuck with it. Like most software created by Microsoft, it is very poorly made, very "buggy", and well, just plain bad. In fact, it's so bad that Microsoft hasn't made a version for the Mac for years. But, you don't have to be jealous of Macintosh computers here if you have a PC. The browser that comes standard with a Mac, Safari, is available as a free download for your PC. It's just like iTunes, made by Apple, but you don't need a Mac to use it.

I'm on a Macintosh computer and personally I use Firefox. It's not all that different from Safari, I just like some of the small features it has. Other excellent browsers are Opera and Chrome. And yes, they are free and you can use them on either a PC or a Mac. Just Google any of these browsers, click on "free download" and you're in business! Life is better with choices. Use what you like.

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