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What a hyperlink is

Every time you click on something on a web page that takes you to another web page, that is a hyperlink. It can be words or images. Sometimes the words are underlined, sometimes the underline only appears as you "hover" the mouse over it. You know that your cursor is over a hyperlink when it changes from an arrow to a little cartoon hand.

Using hyperlinks properly can make a big difference on your web site and your blog, and to your Google optimization, that is, how Google indexes you for a search. The best way to do a hyperlink is to write a complete sentence, such as find out more about Brad Hall's cartoons here. This does two important things, it makes it easy for a viewer to know where the hyperlink will take them, and it also gives the Google bots the ability to index. A hyperlink that just says "Click here" is essentially useless, both to viewers and to the Google bots.

Hyperlinks are the best part of getting information on the web. It works for both human viewers and the bots that index for Google. That is, it allows skimming the page to look for important stuff. The only thing worse than writing "Click here" is to have your hyperlinks in a graphic or image. This makes them very difficult to find for most viewers, and just about absolutely invisible to the Google bots.

Using hyperlinks correctly is very important to the success of your web page and your blog. If you use too many of them, your page ends up being a mess. If you don't use them, you are throwing away the most powerful tool on the web. And in case anyone asks, hyperlink just means a super-dooper link. But I doubt that anyone will ever ask. But they will use them!