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What is HTML?

HTML stands for "Hyper Text Markup Language". If you look at most web pages, they end with .html, or .htm. Hyper Text Markup Language formed the base for the internet. And, contrary to its name, it's not really a language, it's a script. Computer geeks know languages. I'm not a computer geek and I know HTML. And whether "hyper text" is accurate just depends on how super-dooper you consider text on the web to be. It is, however, definitely "marked up".

To mark up text just means to format it, for size, font, boldness, italic, that sort of thing. In order for a markup to work, it needs to have a character that a computer recognizes that says, hey, don't write this, I'm about to give some specifics as to how the text should look or work. In HTML, they're called "tags". And all they are is some specific text that only the computer sees that go in between the "less than" sign and the "greater than" sign. When I first started teaching HTML, back in 2001, one of my students called them alligators, and I really like that. The picture at left is of the HTML tags used for this page.

So if you wanted to make a word bold you would type an alligator, write the letter b and then do another alligator facing the other way. There is a huge list of tags that your computer understands, like a href, div id, li, and other such abbreviated terms. You have to get it exactly right, computers can't understand if you are off just a little bit. If you have ever seen these little alligators right on a web page, it means that the person writing it got something wrong. Embarrassing!

There are lots of different ways to format a page on the web, but HTML is the easiest, and it's the original. And the easiest way to create a page in HTML is with Adobe Dreamweaver. I know, I was so happy when it was invented!

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