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What a URL is

A URL is the address of a web page. It always starts with http:// and usually has www. after that. It is the name of the site (in the case of this post, it's my professional site, BradHallArt).

Web page addresses, like all things related to computers, must be exact. Even a dot or dash missing or misplaced will lead to a dead end. The web address, or URL (which stands for Universal Resource Locator, by the way) is up at the top of your browser window. The front slash divides the name of the site from the individual pages. 

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Here is the URL for my home page on my site BradHallArt - A home page is always named "index", by the way, but you don't see that in the URL. The actual URL is

My page about cartoons illustrations is

If you are tempted to retype URLs, please don't. Always use copy and paste when you are giving someone a URL. You can give a URL is an email by doing this - on the web page that you like, copy the URL and then paste it into the email. When someone gets the email from you, it will automatically become a hyperlink and they can go directly to that page. Please also don't try to give a URL over the phone. The words "front slash" should never be spoken to another human being! It doesn't matter how carefully you say it, the person who is listening to you will probably get it wrong. And then it will take another call, and more conversation, and back and forth. Have mercy on them, take a few seconds and send an email.

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Like all things on computers, it sounds more confusing than it really is. And even though the internet has been around for over a decade, not everybody agrees on terminology. Some people will ask for the web address, some will ask for the URL. It means the same thing.

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