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Writing your blog post like a Sunday-morning sermon!

If you writing your blog posts as if they were chapters in a book, expecting people to read them that way, you are making a mistake. You can, of course, write your blog posts in a series, but each one needs to stand alone. The best comparison that I can make is to a Sunday morning sermon.

The church that I attend, Vineyard Church, in Glendale, Arizona, is worth going to, especially for the minister, Brian Anderson. And, like most people, I have missed a sermon or two of his. But when I hear one, I am impressed! He may refer back to something that he has said a few Sundays ago, but he isn't relying on me to have been there. His sermons stand alone. And even if your subject isn't as important as his, you can pick up a few pointers from him.

• Put some life into your blog posts. Don't just drone on and on, boring people. Long-winded, boring stuff is not appealing. Don't do it.

• Keep a positive tone. Tell your readers about benefits, don't give them "fire and brimstone" - that's a turn-off

• Stay focused. Going off on tangents confuses people. Be specific. 

• Repeat, review, recap. Doing this well is a sign of a master.

• Keep it long enough to be of interest, short enough to have impact.

If you are in Glendale on a Sunday morning, stop in and listen to Brian Anderson. Yes, he has a great subject, but he is also very, very good at what he does. And be inspired!

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