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Beginning website design with Dreamweaver

Nothing is more complex, or changes more quickly, than website design. Watching the web grow in the past decade, you have seen a tangle of different ways to create web page, and web sites. There is HTML, XML, PHP, CSS, a regular "alphabet soup" out there! There are "click and build" sites, sites created in Flash animation, and dynamic web pages that flex with new information constantly. If you are getting discouraged about learning web site design, after seeing all that, I really can't blame you!

But the reality is that web page design is quite simple. I have had the good fortune to have seen it from the beginning, back in the nineties. The first class I taught for web design, called "The Art Of Web Page Design", was in 2001. Back then, software programs, like Dreamweaver, were not in widespread use, and for good reason. All you had to do back then to create a web page was to know a handful of "tags", for bold, italic, etc. and the different heading levels, and you could create a web page on NotePad or TextEdit. It was, and still is, a simple way of formatting a page to be read by anyone in the world. But it still required a lot of what I call "hand-coding", which I considered tedious. So when I first saw Dreamweaver, I was in heaven. There is a reason that no other web page design program comes close to it. Dreamweaver allows you to stay as simple, or get as complex, as you want. And it doesn't push.

I specialize in teaching beginning software. If you have never touched Dreamweaver, believe me, it's great. There is no need to worry about setting up a web site that will run NASA, just to get a presence on the web. And there is no need to turn the design and maintenance of your web site over to someone else, just because they wear a pocket-protector and have their glasses taped together (the nerds!). You can do it yourself, I can show you how. Stick with the basics and it will take you a long, long. way!

If you would like to get personal on-site software training in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Dreamweaver in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area, please contact me.  Yes, I will also do a training session on setting up your blog on Google Blogger. Paypal accepted, morning appointments only.

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