This blog is about Graphic Design, Vector Art, and Cartoon Illustration

Graphic Illustration using vectors

I have a client who discovered me for my cartoons a while back and is now having me do what I am calling "Graphic Illustration". It's not really design, he does the design, it's just converting his rough ideas, done in Photoshop, into sharp vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator. These are used for T-shirt designs.

My most recent assignment was for a championship-style belt like the kind you would see wrestlers wear. It's a fairly simple shape in Adobe Illustrator, which is most easily done with the pen tool. The laurel wreath is free clip art that I converted into vectors using Illustrator's function "Live Trace". The buttons are just circles and the "stitching" is a stroke using the "dashed line" function. Once you have mastered Adobe Illustrator this is fairly straight-forward. Working with vectors is what Adobe Illustrator is all about. Vectors create that sharp graphic look, and although they take some time and skill to put together, they are easily recolored and repositioned.

By the way, the name of the other bad guy in the cartoon Despicable Me is named Vector, an inside joke for people in the computer animation business, which is based on vectors, just like Adobe Illustrator is.

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