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How to get your website listed on Google

Getting your website to appear on the first few pages of a Google search is the best thing that you can do for your service or business. A whole industry has grown up around it, calling it "Google Optimization". It makes it sound like it's something that you add onto your website after you are finished, but it isn't. It's something that needs to be built in right from the beginning.

When you begin the design of a web page, you have to consider both the viewers of the page, and the Google "bots", also called "spiders", that do the indexing. The good news is that if you do it right, it will work for both. If you do it wrong, the website may appeal to you, or your designer, but be virtually worthless to viewers, and virtually invisible to the Google bots.

If you would like to get a high ranking on a Google search, here is what you must do

• Create your website in Dreamweaver using best practices. Use CSS for structure. Use heading tags, use plain text whenever possible. Viewers and the Google bots can understand this. "Bells and whistles" give you nothing, it makes your website difficult to use and difficult for the Google bots to index. Don't put important content in jpegs.

• Use Flash only for decoration, never for content. Many devices can't read Flash, and many viewers, including me, hate it. If you absolutely have to have some psychedelic swirling animation on your site, that is a reason to use Flash. But why are you doing that? 

• Use descriptive hyperlinks. The Google bots love hyperlinks. Don't ever write, "Click here", write visit Brad Hall's website to learn more about Dreamweaver training. Viewers like this, too.

If you would like to get personal on-site software training in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Dreamweaver in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area, please contact me. Yes, I will also do a training session on setting up your blog on Google Blogger. Paypal accepted, morning appointments only.

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