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How to rescue your old website

If for some reason you have an "abandoned website" that you haven't updated for a long time and you have just plain lost track of, don't throw it away! Here is what you need to do to rescue it, get it updated, and back under control.

Find out where it is being hosted. In order for a website to exist, it must be hosted by a company that charges a monthly or yearly fee. The host for my website, BradHallArt, is Bluehost, who are excellent. I tell my clients to find out who they are sending checks to. If the site is up, then some host is getting money. All you have to do is to get their name.

Web hosts are pretty fussy about who owns a site, and they consider the owner to be the one paying the bill. It doesn't matter who designed the site, you own it. If you would like to update your website, just find a new web designer and give them the information from your host. There is no reason to throw anything away. You have already paid for hosting, and for the domain name. Even if you parted with your original web designer in a less-than-amiable way (like, she was your ex-girlfriend and she is no longer speaking to you), a new web designer can salvage a good part of your site, and get most of the files needed to update it, by getting it from the host.

After you get the information from your host, keep it in a safe place. If you were casual about login IDs and passwords before, don't be casual in the future. You own that website because you pay for the hosting.

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