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How to write a blog post

A blog post is like an article in a newspaper or magazine. It should be written with care and then you should move on to the next article. If you are writing as if you are creating a book, you are using Blogger incorrectly. Blog posts are timely, not permanent. Of course, they do stay, like old newspapers, and you can look up old articles, but that's not what it's for. If you find yourself going back over old blog posts to touch them up constantly, you should instead devote your time and energy to new blog posts.

Technically, a blog post is a piece of ephemera. It has a value when it is current, but it meant to be thrown away. It's like a ticket to a concert, or a postcard. You can hang onto it if you must, but that's not really where the value is. The value is current.

Take a look at your blog posts. Are they timely? If not, you are writing a book or for your website. A blog supports your website, or the books you've written, it doesn't replace it.

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