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Using Dreamweaver as a hub

Whenever you visit a website, you are seeing a lot more than just the page layout, as created in a web page program like Dreamweaver. There may be animation, videos, javascript, Paypal buttons, the list goes on and on. I describe this as using Dreamweaver as a hub, and it's the best choice for this. What this means is that Dreamweaver can be used for the simplest to the most complex web sites in the world.

If you are creating a web page just for fun, or for a hobby, go ahead and use a "click and build" web page generator. It is the cheapest, easiest, and fastest way to make a web page. A friend of mine, who is going to do a website for his church sent me this list of website creation software. In his instance, Dreamweaver is not appropriate.

Dreamweaver is appropriate for your business if you want your site to be able to grow without any limitations. And that is where the idea of the "hub" comes in. If your site is built using Dreamweaver, you will be able to add anything you want to it. It is as flexible as the web itself. There is absolutely nothing propriety about Dreamweaver, and that is part of the reason for its success. No one is going to say to you "No, you can't do that, or add that." If it's in Dreamweaver, you can.