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What to do if you are a slow learner

I am not a slow learner. But, well, sometimes I just need a little more time. I refuse to call myself, or anyone, a "slow learner". If you are calling yourself a slow learner, you are sabotaging your success. But that doesn't mean that you have race to learn something. It's getting there that matters, not the speed. Once you can do it, that's all that people will see. People probably won't ask you how long it took you to learn something, and if they do, well, maybe they're not very nice.

When I stumble while I'm learning something, and start to slow down, I call it "non-linear progress". In other words, it's the feeling of one step back, two steps forward. Some days you are making no progress, some days you are actually falling behind. You are getting there, but just not in a straight line. It's getting there that matters. When you have achieved something and you look back on your progress, it may be a jaggedly line. I've been teaching and training Computer Graphics Software for over fifteen years, and I have never had a student who is a slow learner. Just ones who have non-linear progress. And that makes all the difference in the world.

You can do this!

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