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How to design a web page

Your main goal when designing a web page is "navigation at a glance". This is especially important when designing for mobile devices, but it is just plain good design even when you expect people to view your web page on their computer.

Simplify. Use the top of the page to identify your company, then go right to the navigation. The navigation links should be as simple and clear as you can make them. Don't try to get everything on your index page. That's what hyperlinks are for. If you feel compelled to put a picture of the factory or the founder of your company on a web page, put it at the bottom. Slogans, mission statements, etc. should also go at the bottom.

People read web pages the same way that they read magazines. They skim. Don't expect people to read everything, top-to-bottom, left-to-right. People don't read instructions, so don't tell them that you site is best viewed at 1024 X 768 in Internet Explorer. They are at your web page right now, at whatever resolution their device has, in whatever browser they want. Make it work. You can do this by simplifying your code. Throw out the garbage. Use text. Use HTML. Use CSS. Make it easy for people to use your web page and they will. Make it difficult and they will just click away.

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