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How to insert a div tag in Dreamweaver

Inserting a div at an insertion point on a page in Dreamweaver allows you to create a space that can contain an image and text. This works well for pictures with captions. To do this, place your cursor directly in front of the first word of the paragraph where you would like the div to go. Go to your insert panel, and select "Insert Div Tag".
That will pop up a dialog box asking you to name it with a class or an ID. You do not need to name a class, but it does need an ID. You can call it anything at all as long as there are no spaces. I recommend that, instead of clicking OK, click New CSS Rule and you can get right into formatting it the way you want it.

After clicking New CSS Rule, note that Dreamweaver knows to put in the hashmark (#) and defaults the contextual selector type to ID. From there, it's like editing any other element in CSS.