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Using classes in CSS for typographic style in Dreamweaver

There are a whole lot of limits when designing for the web, and as a Graphic Designer, what I want most is the ability to style my type a bit. You can do this much more now than the bad old days of plain HTML because of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). The trick is to know what things are called in CSS (as opposed to the real typographic terms that Graphic Designers use). One of the ways to do this is by using classes.

A class allows you to finesse a bit of type without changing the underlying tag. On this page, I wanted to do something that you see a lot of in magazines, large introductory type at the beginning of an article. It's still a p tag, but I have added a class called intro.
It's a small refinement, where the Font-size has been changed to 20 and the Line-height (real Graphic Designers think of this as leading) is set to 32, and a color was added.

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