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Why you should use CMYK color, not RGB, in InDesign

Before you begin working in InDesign, you need to know about CMYK color, as opposed to RGB color. The reason for this is that InDesign creates documents for printing on paper, which uses CMYK, as opposed to color that is seen only on a computer screen, which is RGB.

What you are looking at right now as you read this, is RGB color. It is a combination of Red, Green and Blue. Those are the colors that make up the colors that you see on a computer screen.

When look at something that has been printed on paper, for example a magazine, you are looking at CMYK color. CMYK stands for Cyan (a light blue), Magenta (a purplish red), Yellow, and Black. K stands for black and is used because B might be confused with blue. It is also known as the Key color.

When you create a document in InDesign or QuarkXPress, you need to think in terms of the CMYK color space, even though you are viewing it on a computer, which is RGB. If you want to be successful in print, you need to learn about CMYK color. Telling a printer that it "looked different on your monitor" just exposes your ignorance. Take a print production class at your local community college, learn how printing presses work, and you will become a valuable designer with InDesign.

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