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Why you shouldn't buy Adobe software in the download version

I finally got around to upgrading to Adobe Design Premium CS5 and I thought that it would be more convenient to download the software, instead of buying the physical discs. Big mistake! If you are tempted to do that, learn from my fail. It took over two hours, most of it on the phone to Adobe, where I got some very expert help, by the way. But you can avoid all of this by not downloading. Get in your car, drive over to Fry's Electronics and buy the box.

The problem arose when one of the software programs didn't download. If I had the physical discs, I could have fixed in a few minutes. Without the discs, I am helpless, at the mercy of Adobe tech support. And even though they are excellent (my tech support person assured me that he could stay with me for an hour), it is brutally hard on the nervous system.

I am a big believer of keeping up with technology, but downloading software like this isn't quite there yet. It's not like using iTunes. But someday it will be, and we will look back at these days and laugh.

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