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How to break through a creative block

Creative people often suffer from some type of block that keeps than from accomplishing what they want to do. Writers call it "writer's block". But it can happen to anyone who is trying to create something, from a musical composition to a painting. I know how to get past that block. That doesn't mean that I am always successful at it, but at least I know the technique! Typically a creative person who is suffering from a block will go back over the same thing that they have been doing, over and over. I have a client who has been stuck in the rut of doing the same thing over and over. Every time I talk to him, he goes back to the same place that he has been since we met, essentially re-shuffling the same old thing, like an artist lining up his tubes of paint and canvases but never working on the painting. There is furious activity, but ultimately it accomplishes nothing.

I was fortunate in the late '90s to teach a class at The Art Institute of Phoenix called "Concept Development". It was based on a book with several techniques to get creative people out of a rut. I taught this class for a few years and got to see how successful these techniques are. They are extremely difficult to do, but they work!

Creative blocks are just typical human nature. Rising above that gives you to the power to accomplish your goals. It also sends away the creative weaklings. If you are too weak to pursue your dream, that's too bad, maybe being a creative person isn't for you. As a teacher, and a coach, I want to encourage you. But it is up to you. If you have been "spinning your wheels" and getting nowhere, this technique will help you, but only if you are willing to start the process.

Here is a good place to start: Find something that is similar to what you would like to do. If you would like to learn how draw better, find drawings done by other artists. But here is the tricky part - don't criticize them. Saying how much you dislike something is so easy that everyone does it. "I don't like this", "I don't like that", is a dead-end. Instead, find what you like and what you can use. Not easy! If you can't find anything you like, keep looking. It takes a lot of looking. When you find something that you like and that you can use, try a bit of it.

This begins the process of cracking the barrier that kept you from moving forward. Small cracks will break down the most solid creative block!

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