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How to do presentations without PowerPoint

Everyone hates PowerPoint presentations. If you have never suffered through one, they are like the old *slide shows* that presenters used, just a series of words with little dots next to each line, called *bullets*. And they always included charts and graphs. In the nineties, they were all the rage. If you do them today, expect your audience to throw chairs at you.

The reason that speakers started using these visuals, starting with old slide projectors in the 1960s, was to give the audience something to look at on a big screen, and give the speaker something that he could follow. I did this when I first started teaching in 1996, using an old overhead projector. PowerPoint is software that creates these presentations and lets you add all types of other annoying things, like color, or other such special effects.

A written outline, however, is a handy tool for a presenter. I always create one for myself and my students and it helps keep me on track. There really is no need to do a colorful PowerPoint presentation, unless you are thinking that it gives a little *glitz* to your presentation. Charts, graphs, bullet points, and 3-D type just makes a boring presentation worse. But if you would like your audience to see these things, there is a much easier way than using PowerPoint.

You can use a blog like this. Everything you really need is here. You can bring in photos, charts, graphs, etc., by using Blogger's Insert Image, which is on the toolbar right at the top. You can make the type any size, any color, even add bullet points and numbering, if you must. And the best thing is that you don't need any software to do this. Just Blogger. Edit it in Blogger, then go do your presentation on their computer. All you need is an internet connection. And if they have electricity in the building, they have an internet connection.