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Listening to audiobooks on your iPod

If you are old enough to remember books on CDs, you will remember that they would come as a whole packet of CDs. Switching out CDs, especially while driving your car, was a real hassle, and took the fun out of it, in my opinion. But, on a long drive, an audiobook is quite enjoyable. And even at home, it can be a pleasure to listen to. And that's where your iPod comes in, and it makes all of the difference.

An ordinary book can be 7 hours long. The book that I am listening to now, The Roosevelts, An American Saga, by Peter Collier, is 19 hours. What would be a tangle of CDs is a breeze for an iPod. And if you have a car built in the last few years, your radio is already set up to play your iPod. Just select AUX, and plug in your iPod. If you need a plug, go to Radio Shack, they're pretty cheap. The Radio Shack person will probably be able to show you where to plug it into your car. On my Saturn, it's a hole in the dashboard next to the radio. In my friend's Honda Element, it's in the center console.

Here is how you get an audiobook: Go to iTunes, click on iTunes store and click on Audiobooks. I recommend that you listen to the preview to see if you like the voice. Some voices are wonderful, like Bob Newhart reading his book, I Shouldn't Even Be Doing This!, and some are not.

Once you find a book you like, purchase it and download it just like a song. When it synches to your iPod it will be under "Audiobooks", a category that already exists on your iPod. Plug your iPod into some speakers, close your eyes, and listen. If you haven't been read to in a long time, you will love just as much as when you were a kid.

If you're driving to LA, you will want to keep your eyes open!

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