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Reading outdoors with your ereader

An ereader, like my Kobo, uses a type of technology called "e-ink". The screen is not lit up like your cell phone or your computer, or even your iPad. And this means that you can do something easily with an ereader that you can't do with those other devices - read a book outdoors.

There is no light inside of my Kobo. You can't read it in the dark, or in dim light. It's just like a paper book that way. Today I am sitting in my backyard, reading. What a wonderful technology!

And, by the way, the book that I am reading I checked out from my public library, downloaded to Adobe Digital Editions, and copied to my Kobo. The book I am now reading is How Not to Act Old: 185 Ways to Pass for Phat, Sick, Hot, Dope, Awesome, or at Least Not Totally Lame by Pamela Redmond Satran.

Cool (I'm old enough to say that).

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