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Why your blog or website isn't getting any visitors

You can be doing everything right with a blog or a website, in terms of Search Engine Optimization, such as using keywords, and all of the other correct practices, and still not be getting any visitors. Consider these possibilities:

• Your subject is too popular. If you are writing a blog about raising children, for example, there is a lot of interest, but also a lot of competition out there. If it's a subject that everybody is interested in, chances are that the competition is fierce and it is nearly impossible for you to rise about the crowd.

• Your subject is too obscure. If, however, you are writing about raising mutant donkeys in Peru, it might not attract that many readers. However, I would suggest giving it a shot. Something that seems so obscure as to be funny might turn out to be the next big thing!

• You're boring and long-winded. Maybe you did get a few people to visit your site or blog by accident. But they aren't going to return, recommend, or tweet you. Keep your blog posts short and get to the point.

• You are a poor writer. Maybe people would like to read the subject upon which you are desirous to expound, but they just don't understand you. Learn to write clearly.

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