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How to change the fonts in Google Blogger

Update 9/6/2011 - In the new Blogger interface there is no more dashboard. Instead click *Customize* in *Template*. From there, it remains the same.

One of the cool things about Google Blogger is that you can edit the template without messing with the CSS code. If you are a designer, you will particularly like being about to change the page text, the title text, the link text, etc. You can set them to any web color you want and any set of web fonts you want, just like CSS. And you just do it with a click. Here is how:

From the dashboard, click on the link that says *Template Designer* [Update 9/6/2011- this is showing the old Blogger dashboard. In the new interface you can skip directly to the next step.]

From there, click on "Advanced", where you will see where you can change the font size, color, etc., in all of the categories you need.
And, as you see, you can also change a bunch of other things here, including the background, the width of your blog, and on and on. Take a look at it - it's kind of fun!