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How to get free shipping from Amazon

I've been using Amazon for a long time, and I am an Amazon seller, so you know that I like Amazon. When I first started buying from Amazon, I justified the delivery charge by thinking that it saved me time, hassle, and gasoline, and was well worth it. And it is! But if you know how to do it, you can have Amazon deliver for free. In fact, they want you to! Here is how to do it.

When you are looking for an item, look for the words FREE with Super Saver Shipping. No, it's not on every item - some things you gotta pay shipping on. But before you click on an item, search a bit more to see if it is offered with free shipping. There are some catches, but I've made the mistakes and learned how to avoid them. You must spend at least $25 dollars to get this, but here is the good part, you can choose anything on the site that is marked FREE with Super Saver Shipping. When you have $25 or more worth of items, go and check out.

If you get carried away with your shopping and accidentally include an item that doesn't have the FREE with Super Saver Shipping, you lose it all and have to pay full shipping charges. A nasty little trick, but there it is. When you check out, be sure to check the box that says FREE Super Saver Shipping. It isn't automatically selected, you have to select it. Yeah, I know they make it kind of tricky, but hey, you get free shipping! Really.