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How to make money from your blog

The easiest way to make money from your blog is to allow ads. Google ads are pretty cool, as they customize to your content. That is, if you are writing about wiener dogs, the ads will be for dog food, dachshund rescue, etc. Look around at the ads on this blog. I write about technology, software, that sort of thing. There is probably an ad for Adobe Photoshop. Makes sense. It is surprisingly easy to put ads on your blog, but oddly enough, Google has hidden it away pretty cleverly. But I can tell you were it is.

From your dashboard, click on the word "Monetize". Yeah, I had never heard the word before, either. I think they made it up. From there, Google Blogger will ask you if you want to do it, say yes, go click, and you're done. The ads appear on your blog.

And then you can start planning that trip to Hawaii!

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