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Ordering groceries online

If you are like me, and you work out of your home office, ordering things online can be pretty handy. I have been purchasing on Amazon for years and am now I have become a regular user of Safeway's home delivery. I live in the Phoenix area, and it works great.

I tried having groceries delivered way back in the early nineties and it was terrible. It required filling out a form by hand, faxing it, and then watching your groceries arrive all mangled up, delivered by someone in an old beat-up car. I tried it once.

Nowadays, it's much better. Safeway has their entire store available online, and if you do it right, you can even save money. You certainly save time and hassle. Pushing a shopping cart through a grocery, buying pretty much the same thing every time, is no way for me to spend my valuable time. You may be saying, "it's good to get out, to meet people." I don't meet people at grocery stores. I am a single man and I don't consider my local Walmart Neighborhood Market to be a sociable place. And, although I've often tried to convince myself otherwise, I don't like shopping. I am a typical man that way. I like getting stuff, especially groceries. I don't like walking down aisles in a store, pushing a cart.

The food is delivered in a Safeway truck, which keeps the food refrigerated. I have them drop off the stuff inside of my garage, which is a few feet away from my kitchen and it takes me about ten minutes to put it all away. The drivers aren't allowed to accept tips, and if you are savvy about email offers, you can get free delivery. I just did that by buying five (5) products manufactured by The Coca Cola Company, which is pretty darn easy - they even make the dogfood my dog likes - and entering a code word SNACKS after placing the order. I put the order together at night and have them deliver it the next day.

My refrigerator is full of healthy food, my nervous system didn't have to deal with a grocery store, I didn't burn a penny of that $3.69-a-gallon gas in my car, and I can get back to work on that web site I've been developing. What could be better?