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Understanding the language of art

I once had a painting teacher who said "If you can describe it in words, you don't need to paint it". If you ask an artist to explain something to you in words, and are disappointed, then you are asking for a translation between two very different languages.

The languages of art, of music, dance, etc. are not the written or spoken word. Yes, you can try to describe it, by talking about the key a song is written in, or the medium that is used for a painting. But that is not how to understand it. To understand it, you have to experience it without any translation. To do that, you have to experience it. Listen to music, watch dance, look at art and design. Don't try to translate it into words. Learn the native language. You can do this.

When you do, this world is revealed to you. Other people will know that you know, too. They will nod and smile. There are no words for this.