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Why you shouldn't get the new iPod Nano

The newest iPod nano, the sixth generation, also known as multi-touch, is a design disaster. I remember being so proud of the original design of the iPod, pointing to it as excellence in intuitive design. They were so well designed that they were easy to use, and that's why they sold so many, even though they were expensive.

The latest iPod nano is a mess. In an effort to make it ridiculously small, the functions that were once on the wheel, that had worked so well, have been moved all over the place. If you have the previous generation Nano, stay with it, or else wait until Apple realizes the mistakes that it has made with the 6th generation, and fixes them with the 7th generation.

If you are stuck with it, I hope that this helps. If it makes you feel better, a lot of people are in the same boat. Here are some things that I have found that will help.

• Be careful where you hold it. Don't touch the top if you can help it, hold it from the sides. There are buttons on the top that, although they just look like they hold the case together or something, actually have functions. In the promotional photo from Apple's website, the guy is accidentally changing the volume control and turning his Nano off, by the way.

• Volume control is not on the touch screen, it is on the top on the tiny round buttons. Remember that I told you how to hold it! If you accidentally touched those buttons, you may have turned the sound all the way down or up. If your hands are human-sized, don't feel bad.

• The on/off button is the long button at the top right. You need to hold it down to turn the device off.

• There is no play button for playlists. You must use shuffle. If you have an audiobook in a playlist you are out of luck. Hard to believe, but true.

Overall, Apple has made a big mistake with this design. Unfortunately, the only solution right now is to get the iPod Classic, which is $100 more. This sounds like an opportunity for a competitor.