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Caricatures for special events

Hiring a caricature artist for your event or party can be a lot of fun. I've been doing it here in the Phoenix area for several years now and it is always a positive experience for me, my clients, and their guests.

The most important thing to do is to put the artist somewhere that is both out-of-way, but visible. If lights are dim at your event, consider that the artist will need light to work by, and be sure to put them somewhere practical, but not at the center of attention. If possible it's best to have enough space for your guests to look over the artist's shoulder. There is really no need to post a bunch of samples, people will just watch how the artist draws their friends. From that they will evaluate if it is an experience that they themselves would like to participate in. And since an artist like me is paid for by the event coordinator, it's important for people to know that the caricature is free. I always make up a little sign emphasizing FREE.

If possible, have a table where people can set down their drawings until the end of the evening. This is not only more convenient for your guests, but it can be a lot of fun for people to look through. At some events people carry their drawings back to their tables to share with their friends. Either way works.  I've seen people try to hang them up on the wall, but that isn't really necessary. A caricature artist should bring sketchpads and pens. You should be prepared to provide chairs and light and that's all. Three chairs is best - one for the artist and two for the guests (who often like to be drawn as couples). More chairs, tables, etc. than that just gets in the way and should be avoided.

I started drawing caricatures of my friends in high school. In my twenties, I drew caricatures at Magic Mountain near Los Angeles one summer just for fun. I like to tell people that I have studied the great masters, Mort Drucker, Jack Davis, Angelos Torres, from Mad Magazine. I have a degree in Fine Art and have taught drawing at The Art Institute of Phoenix. As an artist, I am unusual as that I like to draw in public, and I like people. Most artists I've met are very private people, and don't want you to watch them draw. Me, I love it!

Brad is available to draw caricatures for your special event or party in the greater Phoenix area. To find out more, visit his caricature page or contact Brad directly.