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Caricatures for the YELP 80s Prom Party

I am doing a lot more caricatures for special events these days. It started as a sideline, and is getting more popular, and I love it! here I am at the Totally Yelp: 80's Prom at the Lexington, in downtown Phoenix, where I drew caricatures from 6 to 8 pm on May 26th. This is how it works: I arrive at the venue a little early and put up a sign that says, "free caricatures from (a certain time to a certain time)". This is important for the guests to know that the caricatures are free, that is, paid for by the event sponsor, and when I will be leaving, so they won't be disappointed. It's important to put a caricature artist in an area that is well lit, allows a crowd to gather, and is visible but not in the way. I arrive with drawing pads, pens and my drawing board, so all I need is a few chairs, a table, and some light. I've seen artists bring along a lot of stuff, like samples, etc., but it really isn't necessary. Drawing caricatures is a performance art, and I've been doing it since I was in high school.

A good caricature should make you feel happy when you see yourself, not insulted. And that's why my slogan is that in my drawings all the men are handsome and all the women are beautiful! Because they are - you just have to see, and draw, that way.

Top photo by Owen R. Murray Photography, used with permission.
Bottom photo by Lindsey Fosse, Yelp, used with permission.