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Creating playlists for your audiobooks on your iPod

I have been listening to audiobooks for years and the iPod is the very best way to do it. But after a while, I discovered a drawback to the way that iTunes organizes audiobooks. It puts them into an automatic playlist called "Audiobooks", which is nice, but, like all playlists, when one file ends, the next one begins immediately. That is, when one book ends, the next one just starts playing. Well, I don't want the next book in the list to just start up automatically. So I found it annoying to have to wait right at the end of a book, then jump on the iPod to make sure the next book doesn't start. I like to listen to books right before I fall asleep and I found that the iPod will go on playing all of the books it has. That is, I wake up at 3 am and the iPod is well into King Arthur, which wasn't the book I was listening to, it was the next one. So I found a solution.

The solution is to create your own playlist. Create a playlist folder called "Books" and each book gets it's own playlist. That way, when you want to listen to a book, go to Playlists>Books>The Book You Want to Listen to and press play. When the book ends, it stops.

The End.