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Creative Connect in Phoenix, Arizona

If you're a creative person working in the Phoenix area, you need to know about Creative Connect. I have been recommending it to colleagues and students for many years now and it really is the place for you to be.

It started about eight years ago as an idea by Dan Semenchuck (pronounced: Cement Truck). In fact, I can remember sitting at The Original Hamburger Works over by Phoenix College when Dan was still dreaming it up. And it has been successfully bringing together the most important creative people in our industry here in Phoenix. If you haven't been to a Creative Connect get-together (it's not a meeting!) you should. Bring your business cards and be prepared to shmooze and be shmoozed a little, but don't be obnoxious.

Dan has been involved in the world of Graphic Design here in Phoenix for about thirty years, and I've known him for almost almost as long. Believe me, he knows everyone! And it was his desire to have everyone else know everyone else in a casual atmosphere. And he has accomplished it! If you are a recent graduate, or are a new arrival in town, go to a Creative Connect event. If you have been here for a while, you know what I mean.