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Getting used to Mac OS X Lion

I've had the latest upgrade of the Macintosh operating system, Lion, for a few days now and am getting used to it. As a power user on the Mac, any change at all, whether good or bad, is annoying to me. But it must be dealt with.

I've seen upgrades and changes since the beginning of my career on the Macintosh computer since the early 90s. It happens with software and it happens with operating systems. It's kind of like getting up to go to work one day and finding that the city moved all of the streets around. And all of the signs look different, everything is a different color, just enough to make it seem unreal. After using it for a while you decide, yeah, that makes sense and works better but in the meantime, you just kind of wish that they wouldn't do that.

But upgrading is a fact of life in the computer world. If you don't like it, and you can't adapt, your career as a Graphic Designer is over. This is why it's best to understand things conceptually, not by rote. If you are a rote learner, then you will never understand why a new operating system is better. Don't try to memorize everything, just look at it and feel your way through.

Lion is better. It's the beginning of combining the best of the Mac Os with the iPad OS. I'm not an iPad user, so a lot of it doesn't make sense to me. When I become an iPad user, it will. I've always told people that if they want to see the future of computers, they should go look at a Mac. And it can be a bit of a shock, like strapping a rocket jet on your back! If you have any doubts about upgrading your operating system, set them aside. Yes, there will be a few bumps along the way, but what ride!