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How to turn off reverse scrolling in Mac OS X Lion

As a general rule, I make a serious effort to adapt to changes in software and in operating systems. I try to find out why the change is made, give it a try for a while, and then get used to it. But there are some things that even I can't leave alone, and one of them is the bizarre feeling in Mac Lion of reverse scrolling - that is,  having the page go up when you scroll down on the mouse, and vice versa. So I changed it back. This is how you do it -

Go to your system preferences and select the mouse.

De-select (that is uncheck the checkbox) for Move content in the direction of finger movement when scrolling or navigating.

Yes, it would be a lot easier if there was a button that says, Turn off the ridiculous reverse scrolling!, but there isn't. The logic behind this, by the way, to to pave the way for touch screens. On a touch screen, your finger moves the image in the reverse direction. Try pretending on the screen, it makes sense. But with the mouse, it makes no sense. Go ahead and set yours back. I did.