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Listening to audiobooks in your car from your iPod

Traveling long-distance on America's freeways is the best way to go these days. It's safe, much easier than dealing with airports, and much more flexible. You can leave anytime you want, that sort of thing. But it's boring. I am planning another trip from Phoenix to Los Angeles and going across the desert is the dullest thing in the world. The solution is to listen to audiobooks on your iPod.

In the bad old days of books on CDs, you had to switch out about eight or more CDs to listen to a book. Not convenient when you're driving, and not really safe to be looking at the CD to make sure it's the right one, and then finding out it isn't, then looking for the correct chapter, etc. But with your iPod it's much easier. This is how you do it.

You will need to own a car that was built in the last few years. It doesn't have to be a fancy car, my ordinary '07 Saturn has it. To check if you can listen to your iPod through your car speakers, look at your radio for the word AUX. This is short for Auxiliary, by the way. And you should see a hole, either on your dashboard, like mine is, or maybe down by the armrest. When you find it, plug in your male/male connector to it and the headphone hole in your iPod. I like to plug in a charger through the bottom of my iPod, too, and your car should have more than one place to plug in a charger (for the people in the back seat). Start up your book before you begin your journey, hit pause at rest stops, and that's all you have to do. I am going to enjoy some Lewis Black comedy on this trip!

Drive safely! And if you see me smiling and laughing way out on some boring stretch of road on the desert, you will know why!