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Philips DCP746 7-Inch iPod Docking Video Player (Refurbished) review

I found the Philips DCP746 7-Inch iPod Docking Video player (refurbished) at for $40. I've been looking for something to play my videos on while I am away, and since most of them seem to be costing more than $200.00, this seemed to be too good to be true. But it works!

Most of the reviews I've read about it criticize this unit soundly. And it deserves it! It is clunky, the interface is stupid (some of the buttons are only on the remote, but a few are on the unit, such as volume). I can image that anyone who bought one of these new would have immediately sent it back, which is why Overstock is selling them for forty bucks. I found the manual online and prepared myself for disappointment.

I charged it, put my video iPod classic in it, pressed play and, to my amazement, I was watching video! The picture is not great, but it's much, much bigger than trying to watch a video right on the iPod (which I gave up doing years ago). The sound is terribly tinny, but I plugged in my nice iHome portable speaker into the speaker port, and that cleared up that. So now I can watch movies, TV shows, and podcasts while I am in California, which is where I will be in a few days. Cool.