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Problems checking out digital books from your local library

I like libraries, and always have since I was a little kid. I mean, come on, you go there and they give you stuff for free! And when you're done reading it, they find a place to store it for you so it doesn't have to take up room at your place. And if you should want to read the book again, there are nice people there who will help you find it. Honestly, I was amazed at how cool libraries were when I was a kid, and I still feel that way today. The first library I ever used was in the little town where my grandmother lived and all I had to do to check out a book was to tell them her name. I've used libraries everywhere I've lived, and have even gotten temporary library cards when I've been in a different city for extended periods of time. Yeah, you can do that! Libraries are awesome!

Digital libraries are definitely the "wave of the future". But if haven't been a regular library user all your life, it may not be for you. You have to keep in mind that this is a FREE service, that the people who work there are government employees, like at the DMV, probably overworked and with very specific job titles. So, when something goes wrong, there just isn't the kind of customer service that you would expect at a retail store. In fact, it's their job to keep things organized, not to help you mess it up by checking out books. The money that supports your local library comes from your taxes, not how often you use the library. In fact, the more people that use the library, in contrast to a retail store, the worse it is for a library.

If that makes sense, then it is easy to understand why the digital libraries are going to be failing consistently for quite a while if not indefinitely. The Phoenix Digital Library is malfunctioning again, and I am guessing that it is from overload based on demand. In a retail situation, this would mean that money would be lost as people are unable to log in. But at a library, it just means that someone will come in after the holiday is over and call in for repairs. It will be repaired, but there is no hurry.

So, using the library, like using public transportation, means that the only smart thing for you to do is wait. You could complain, but that just shows that you don't know how the system works. And public services don't have customer complaint hotlines. It's just not cost-effective to have someone at a phone apologizing. Hey, it's free. If you are in that much of a hurry, then go to a retail store!

Me, I can stand to wait for a while. I'm good.