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Using a portable speaker with your iPod

I have tried lots of different ways to listen to my iPod. I have several sets of headphones, ear buds, I've even got speakers plugged and set up to allow me to plug the iPod in in every room, not to mention the fact that I can play my iPod on my TVs. But what I have been using the most is a little portable speaker from iHome, which I got from Amazon. It has amazingly clear sound, and considering that it is just for me, and that I usually just listen to audiobooks, it works great. Costs about 20 bucks.

What is really cool about this portable speaker is that it doesn't use batteries, it plugs into an ordinary USB cable for charging. So, you can charge it from your computer, or you can buy an inexpensive USB charger at Walmart, which is what I did. I plug mine in at night, just like my cell phone, and then use it pretty much all day. I turn it off to conserve power, like I just did right now to write this post, then I turn it back on to listen to it. All you need to connect it from your iPod to the speaker is a cheap male/male connector. I got the retractable kind, but an ordinary wire will do.

I am finding that it is more convenient to use it in any room in my house (I work from home), or outside, than anything else I've tried. I was never comfortable walking around with earbuds in my ears and wires hanging off of me, so this makes me more comfortable. I'm a middle-aged guy, so I don't need music so loud that it makes the house shake, and so music sounds pretty good to me on this.

Right now I am listening to Arte Johnson narrate Dave Barry's book Dave Barry Does Japan. Sounds great.