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What is an mp4?

An mp4 file is a video file that has been compressed to run on iTunes. Like iTunes and the iPod, it is the gold standard video file format, and it runs on everything.

The mp, by the way stands for "motion picture". It is the equivalent of a jpeg file for images, which is also the standard. "Jpeg", by the way stands for "joint photographers expert group", the original designers of this standard. The original standard for video was called an "mpeg", which meant "motion picture experts group". Oddly enough, the audio standard is also an mpeg, mp3.

Competitors that are fading away for video are wmv (Windows Media Video) and avi (Audio Video Interleave). These formats still kind'a work, but the standard is mp4.

So, to make it easier for everyone that you are sharing files with use

• jpeg for images
• mp3 for audio
• mp4 for video

Thank you!