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Beginning Adobe Illustrator

The first step to learning Adobe Illustrator is to get an idea in your mind how it works. If you insist that it is Photoshop, no matter how much you play with it, you will be frustrated. It's not Photoshop! It doesn't work like Photoshop because it's based on an entirely different concept. The best comparison that I have ever found in the real world is to Tinkertoys®.

If you were fortunate enough to play with Tinkertoys® as a child, you have an advantage. Adobe Illustrator is just like working with Tinkertoys®. The pieces that hold everything together are called "anchor points" and the lines in-between are called "paths".

If you give a child some Tinkertoys®, after they have stuck the paths up their nose, they will know what to do. They won't need the help menu, or try to make it work like Photoshop. They will put stuff together. That is what Adobe Illustrator, and all software programs like it, are all about.

Tell me that you know how to use Tinkertoys® and we're off and running. You will learn Adobe Illustrator in no time.