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Being a Firefox 7 beta test pilot

I become a Firefox 7 Beta test pilot this morning. I had been a Firefox user for years, but their last release was so bad it forced me back to Safari. Safari was fine, but Firefox appears to be better. It's a whole lot faster, to begin with. Yes, there's the hassle of moving bookmarks and updating passwords, but it's really a good thing, like getting your golf clubs out of your trunk and cleaning your garage every once in a while.

I have checked that I will give Mozilla feedback on Firefox, and I will. In fact, I just filled out my first little mini-survey from them, and they forgot to put the *OK* button on the form. Funny, but that's what beta testing is all about.

My career in Graphic Design started at the same time as the use of "personal computers" - so I've always been a "test pilot"! As Indiana Jones said, "I'm making this up as I go along!"