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How to get an email reminder from your calendar

There are many ways to remember things, and we are all different. Some people like to use post-it notes, some people like to write on the back of their hand, the list is endless. What I have found in the last year that works for me is having an email sent to me by my calendar. Like a lot of people, I check my email several times a day. And many of my clients know that it is the best way to contact me. And there is a way to set it up to have your computer remember and remind you. Computers like to remember things - and they are much better than people!

If you have a Macintosh computer, and you are using iCal along with Mail, there is a cool way to get iCal to send you a reminder email for appointments. It's under "alert".

When making the appointment in your calendar, select alert >  Send email to (your email address, of course) and select the time. I like the 15 hours before option. That way, I get an email the day before and I keep it in front of me to help remind me of the appointment.

This works for me!