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How to keep up with the latest technology

It has never been easier to keep up with the latest technology. The key is to look at it and read it. Every piece of software in the last twenty years has had the instructions written - and sometimes shown with pictures - right on it. You don't need to have someone show you how to use it, and you don't need to sit in classes or read books about it. You just need to look at it.

The best example that I can point to is cars. When I bought my first car, a used MG Midget sports car from the 1960s, there was no writing on the dashboard, just switches. No, the lettering hadn't worn off, it was never there. The way it worked is that you had to have someone show you how it works. And you had to memorize what each toggle did, and you had to remember. This is fine for remembering simple things like turning on the headlights or the windshield-wipers, but this is no way to go with a more advanced technology. If you are trying to learn computers, or cell phones, or anything invented in the last twenty years this way, you are bound to be frustrated.

Stop trying to memorize every button! There are just too many, and the buttons on your computer will continue to change. If you want to change right along with the technology, just look at it. Take a moment to read it, or look at the icon. Your nephew who can do things on your cell phone isn't a genius - he just knows to take a second or two to read. From that you should realize how easy all of this stuff is.

If you've ever played video games you know what I mean. If you haven't, well, give it a try!